Periscope APK APP Download For Live Broadcasting

Periscope APK is a live broadcasting app from the social media giant Twitter, to stream your videos live by just using your Twitter account and on your Android device. Periscope APP allows you to broadcast and explore the world like never before through live video. And give you the latest updates to see where news is breaking, visit a new area or place, or meet interesting people and share your thoughts all in real time with them. Periscope APK is a powerful and lightweight application which broadcast your live streaming with a twitter account.


Periscope APK APP Features

  • Broadcasts live videos and interact with people through liking with hearts and comments.
  • Explore and discover popular live video streams from people around the world or start searching for broadcasts by topic or location.
  • Periscoper offers private broadcasts for specific friends and followers.
  • Instant sharing of you live videos to Twitter and other social networking platforms
  • Replay highlights if you missed the live videos and watched the best parts
  • 360-degree video broadcasting

Periscope APK is not only a broadcasting app but also lets you access what other people are streaming. And you can see the most popular streams on your screen and quickly join them, as well as express your opinion in the form of comments when you join a live broadcast or give heart shapes for showing love, and you like the stream. True Skate APK Mod is the most loved skating game.

Periscope APP is designed perfectly with the user-friendly interface so that users find it easy to record and broadcast live streams on Twitter. With just one touch screen you can switch from front to back camera. It notifies you when someone takes screenshots what you are broadcasting.

Periscope APK APP Download Latest Version

Periscope App is a must app these days for people of all ages to go to the next level in sharing their views and interesting videos by live broadcasting with a twitter account. With changing times, this happens to be a cool technology which we can share with people around the world and show the love with hearts, comments to acknowledge their video. Periscope APK is just the start of something big and interesting, and it’s already trending on Twitter for live streams. If you like the post, please like or comment below.

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