Cortana APK App Download Latest Version For Android

Cortana APK comes in the series of best application, which is launched by Microsoft for Android. This app brings the virtual assistant from the Windows 10 to a non-Microsoft platform. Cortana app will sync with the preferences users have set up on any Windows 10 devices. Cortana for Android needs a Microsoft Account and signing in to brings any user directly into Microsoft’s Bing search Engine over Google.


The lacking happens due to the varied number configurations that prevent Cortana from always listening for the command. It also comes with the manual options for escort up events in nearby places to eat and drink, news, weather, sports and many more.

Cortana APK App Features

Microsoft also planning to make Cortana bring to iOS platform later this year, but an official preview version of the Android is expected to come out in the upcoming weeks. The entire user interface looks like a miniature version of Cortana for Windows, with a dark appearing theme having a white area of content. Don’t forget to play NBA Jam APK and share the game with NBA lovers.

Cortana APK help us to reminding about your important event, also do tracking of data which include like flight detail, train detail and many tracking information which is useful for us. It makes you feel energetic by simply making a note of your daily routine and also how you use this application.

Cortana APK Download For Android

Cortana APK has a great thinking quality, as it surfing news for you and do a lot more than your expectation. This application has an outstanding feature of voice recognition facility which made it different from the other application. It is faster in working and provides a great user interface with high quality work.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or download through the below link to get Cortana APK.
  2. When the downloading is completed an icon will come out on your device screen.
  3. Just click the icon for installing and for the completion of the application.
  4. Enjoy the beautiful application with its lots of features.

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